Weekend Blog Love #1

Share the LoveHappy Sunday folks!

Today I’m going to start something new around here, with a series of Weekend Blog Love. Since starting this blog last October I’ve never really showcased any of my favourite bloggers out there, but there are many. And I mean MANY! I think I spend more time reading other blogs than anything else around here. But that means I stumble upon quite a lot of great content that I would like to share with you, my readers.  (more…)

The True Cost of Travel

The True Cost of TravelI’m leaving for Lima, Peru in less than two weeks, and the trip planning is going strong. I’ve got a packing list ready, dug up all my backpacking essentials and I’ve briefed my dad on how things are going to go. We’ve decided to head north from Lima to spend a little time on the coast to soak up the sun, sand and surf for the first week or so. It will make for a nice holiday before the adventuring begins! (more…)

2013: A Year In Review

2013The holidays are over and the end of 2013 has arrived. Already?! Yup, this year has flown by, and it is time to reflect on the events of this past year. I feel as though this was my first year as an actual “grown-up”. It was my first full year of employment, my first full year of living on my own, and I just recently hit the quarter-century-age mark. (more…)

Why I’m thrilled to be taking a 10% pay cut in 2014

Plane at sunsetNext year I will be taking a 10% pay cut as compared to this year, and I couldn’t be happier. Okay, so a little bit of context might be appropriate. This winter I will be taking a 5-week unpaid leave of absence from work, and with 52 weeks a year, that’s about a tenth of my salary. And why am I doing this you may ask? I am going traveling again! And I can’t wait. (more…)

Unlocking the Value of Your Gift Cards

Gift CardsThe holiday season is upon us and with that comes time for gift-giving. Gift cards are popular gift ideas and can be an easy way to check someone off your list. But to be honest, I am not a big fan.

Bah, Humbug!

The main problem I have with gift cards is that the value is locked into the gift card and (more…)

Trimming the Tree while Trimming your Costs

Decorated Christmas TreeNow that December is upon us, Christmas is just around the corner. That means that retail stores will be playing non-stop Christmas music, you will be getting holiday invites that will fill up your calendar and it will soon be time to dust off the Christmas decorations.

My favourite part of Christmas decorating has always been the tree, and this year we are going for a real tree instead of an artificial one. Since this is my first experience purchasing a real tree, I was stunned to find out just how much they cost. You can pay anywhere from $25 to $200 for a Christmas tree, and that doesn’t include the tree stand, the tinsel, the tree skirt, the decorations or the gifts to go under! Here are a few considerations to help you trim the cost of your Christmas tree purchase while still embracing the holiday tradition. (more…)

Podcast Interview: Top 10 Signs You Might Be Too Frugal

stacking benjamins podcastHappy Friday everyone! And for my American friends, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and are enjoying the crazy deals of Black Friday. I’m picturing people lining up for miles and then storming the doors when the store finally opens, trampling anyone who gets in their way. Not quite? Oh well, that’s the image that comes to mind at least.

Today I’m over at Stacking Benjamins for my very first podcast interview! Joe asked me to come down to the “basement” (his recording studio) and talk about my previous post on frugality and overexertion. (more…)

Investing 101: Keep It Simple, Stupid

The-Elements-of-InvestingI would consider myself a novice investor. I have no formal education in the finance or investing field but I’ve taken it upon myself to read financial literature, follow investment blogs and take in as much information on the subject as possible. In this regard, I’m probably more knowledgeable than most of my peers. I also realize that there is a lot more to learn and there will always be people who are more well-versed in investing than me.

Fortunately for those of us who have not pursued a financial degree, investing does not need to be very difficult. In fact, keeping it simple can be a huge advantage. (more…)

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